Simplifymedia updating

Posted by / 27-Jan-2021 00:06

This is exactly what the default migration template tells you not to do!

There are good reasons for not doing this, generally, however here following the guidelines doesn’t work.

MAM provides a clear line-of-sight to digital file-based media for programming and traffic teams.

As content is acquired and scheduled, MAM acts on those decisions to copy, clean-up and purge content from playout and archive devices, assuring content is in the right system, at the right time.

From credit management to sales analysis, this powerful Add-On provides your organization with extensive information and reporting features so that you can make quicker and smarter business decisions.

For bugs in Firefox Desktop, the Mozilla Foundation's web browser.

The next thing to notice is that we’re using the If for some reason it turns out that changing your templates is too much of a hassle, keep reading for a few alternatives.

Similarly with templates you’ll need to update any forms and views.

For Django projects, the best solution we’ve found so far to this problem is django-filer.

Filer is an application that combines convenient model fields for developers with a familiar file tree like structure for users.

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You’ll notice two important things right off the bat.