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Sin of dating in islam

(Extracted from Reliance of the Traveler) It is unlawful for one to marry one’s ancestors, descendents, parent’s descendents, or the first generation of one’s grandparent’s offspring, meaning one’s paternal or maternal aunts or uncles.

One’s un-marriageable kin (mahram) are those one is forbidden to marry forever.

In a lengthy Hadith he says "The fornication of the two eyes is an evil glance.

The fornication of the two ears is the obscene talk.

In fact the Prophet of Allah has said "one of the seven people who will be under the protection of the shade of the throne of Allah on the day of judgment when there will be no shade will be the young man (or woman) who was approached by a respectable beautiful woman but he replied `I fear Allah`." (Bukhari) Young Girls and boys must realise that fornication (sex outside marriage) is one of the worst sins for a Muslim.

The Prophet of Allah has said "The greatest sin after polytheism (shirk) is the man who commits fornication with a woman who is not his legal wife" (Ibn Kathir, Mishkat).

And the fornication of the two feet is the steps taken towards evil.This is why the Prophet of Allah said "When two people (illegally) are together alone then the third is shaitaan" (Bukhari).We see in today’s day and age the consequences of such actions.Whilst working or studying is commended and supported by Islam, the values of guarding one’s modesty and chastity are even more important.All men and women have a responsibility under the Shariah that they do not attract the other sex for whom it is unlawful to do so.

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