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In reflecting upon their feedback, I had an epiphany: speaking directly with others about their work is similar to dating.

In dating you have to ask questions to get to know each other and you must have a conversation to learn about the other’s experiences.

” For more descriptions of the MMI format and why medical schools are adopting it, take a look at this New York Times article and this article from Stanford School of Medicine. MMI questions aim to assess applicants’ personal attributes, such as their ability to think on their feet, communicate ideas, critically appraise information, and demonstrate thoughtfulness on issues important to the medical profession.

The questions are designed to address specific skills, such as problem-solving, cultural competency, teamwork, empathy, professionalism, interpersonal skills, ethics, and stress management – not necessarily scientific and/or medical knowledge.

Because most of the questions ask you to respond to a situation or an issue, the MMI format provides fewer opportunities for you to talk about your own application and experiences.

In the MMI format applicants respond to a series of scripted questions at timed interview stations.

If you have an MMI interview, expect to rotate between 8 to 10 stations.

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Each pair turned in a list of three-five questions ranked by their specific interests.