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Portmanteau Couple Names may also come in handy if the couple performs a Fusion Dance and literally becomes a single being.As a side note, these portmanteaus show best when using the escape sequence: [= and =].

Hurriyet Aydogan opening 3 Tradition The dynamic spirit of a changing campus was evidenced by the opening of the new academic buildings, Bluemont and Throckmorton halls. Students cannot enter a professional program until they have met the requirements," Stewart said. 61 I believe that students are being asked to carry too much of the financial burden in this proposal. Although pitcher Janel Anderson pitched a four-hitter against Texas A&M, a run in the fifth inning won it for A&M, 1-0.

What appears to be a sea of homogenity from the outside is really a collection of individuals who have the inner confidence to operate in a group without losing their own dynamic outlook. Long known for outstanding colleges of engineering, agriculture, veterinary medicine and home economics, some newly discovered programs also brought the University recognition, such as the Division of Biology's cancer research laboratory. No strings attached — David Viestenz, senior in finance, displays his throwing form in a contest for accuracy. "My advising is the same as in the past," Kidd said. 42.0 (1) Made me more favorable 42.3 (2) No effect 15.7 (3) Made me less favorable (5) In addition to this poll, do you believe a student referendum should be held before Student Senate makes its recommendation to President Acker? Baseball Oral Roberts 8 KState 6 Oral Roberts 4 K-State 1 Oral Roberts 2 KState 1 Baker 4 KState 8 Baker KState 7 Kansas Newman K-State 1 Kansas Newman 3 KState 4 Benedictine 7 KState 9 Benedictine 8 KState 7 Baker 4 KState 8 Bethany KState 7 Bethany 1 K Stale 9 Creighton 10 K-State 7 Creighton 3 KState 2 Creighton 6 K-State 9 Creighton 8 KState 1 Creighton 9 K-State 13 Creighton 12 KState 2 Creighton 10 K-State 13 Creighton 10 K-State 3 Fort Hays State 11 KState 12 Fort Hays State 3 KState 9 Fort Hays State 3 K-State 13 Fort Hays State 5 K-State 9 Marymount 6 K-State 7 Marymount K-State 4 Washburn 9 KState 15 Washburn 1 KState 7 Missouri 5 KState Missouri 7 KState 2 Missouri 5 KState 1 Missouri 17 KState 15 South Dakota State 8 K-State 15 South Dakota State 1 K-State 11 Kansas K-State 2 Kansas 8 K-State 3 Kansas 2 KState 8 Kansas 8 K-State 9 Oklahoma 17 KState 3 Oklahoma 14 K-State 3 Oklahoma 15 KState Oklahoma 4 K-State 5 Nebraska 11 KState 10 Nebraska 10 K-State 3 Nebraska 8 KState 12 Nebraska 5 KState 6 Central Missouri State 4 K-State 5 Northwest Missouri State 3 K-State 13 Northwest Missouri State 4 K-State 9 Emporia State 1 K-State 2 Emporia State K-State 5 Iowa State 11 K-State 13 Iowa State 2 K-State 3 Iowa State 6 KState 1 Iowa State 12 K-State 6 V J baseball 227 Most wins ever for women softballers A longer playing season and an im- proved team helped set a new record for most games won in a season.

The Union recreation center sponsored the frisbee contest. "Many students have already been following the BAPP curriculum." One difficulty Kidd foresees is problems for students changing from one major into the Business College. 65.9 (1) Yes 19.5 (2) No 14.0 (3) No opinion Your Recommendation The existing proposal is for students to contribute million of a projected total cost of . 34.6 (1)1 support it with no reservations 36.2 (2) I support it with reservations 27.0 (3) I oppose it 1.9 (4) Undecided Improving the Proposal (To be answered by those who responded "I oppose it" Which of the following helps to explain your response? Charlotte Michal, in her first and last year of coaching Wildcat softball, led the team to a record of 22 wins and 27 losses.

When Shipping a pair of characters, fans often combine the characters' names into a portmanteau word.

They then use this word to refer to the couple as a unit. Although common in Anime fandoms, where the syllable-based nature of the Japanese language means names are modular and can be snapped together with ease, there are still numerous examples of Real Life celebrity couples where this happens.

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The group performed under the open sky between the Union and Seaton Hall. z n - r ~ " J w- w it m ■t I *" m •** 4* :& III & * % ^ Thumbs up — Randy Mc Coy, senior in predesign professions, watches the K-State — KCI football game in Lawrence. K- State has a good political science program that is giving me the background I need for law school." Dale said a good science faculty is another reason for studying pre-medicine at K-State. 52 Additional fees of the size proposed would create a financial problem for me. The record finally fell with a 6-3 win over Washburn in the first game of a double- header.

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