Updating the mac system

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Updating the mac system

Here’s where to look for available updates, as well as download and instal them: If there are no software updates available, the control panel will state that, rather than showing available system software updates.As always, it’s strongly recommended to back up a Mac before installing any system software update.Because a problem like this can lie in the details, it’s often necessary to have an expert take a look and diagnose what’s going on.Make sure you check your schedule and make sure that it’s all right to have your Mac in the shop for a few days or longer!You want a directly connected network connection, ideally without any restrictions to access.Now boot up your Mac Book again and tell it to restart and try to update the software again. Let it work out any kinks, and see if it can now load Mac OS successfully.While this change may be unusual to some Mac users, other longtime Mac users will recall that Mac OS X used to deliver system software updates through a “Software Update” control panel too, but that went out of favor for a while as updates then arrived through the Mac App Store “Updates” tab.The App Store continues to be where you download updates to Mac App Store apps however, so as part of a general update and maintenance routine you’ll want to be sure to check for system software updates as well as the Updates tab of the Mac App Store still.

Perhaps you’re wondering where system software updates went in Mac OS Mojave?

You may have noticed that the Software Update mechanism is different in Mac OS Mojave than in other recent prior Mac OS releases, with system software updates no longer arriving through the Mac App Store ‘Updates’ tab (well, except for the initial download of mac OS Mojave).

Instead, software updates are now downloaded from System Preferences, which is a bit more like i OS, and older versions of Mac OS X too.

Make sure the Mac is connected to the internet, as system software updates are downloaded remotely from Apple and therefore require an active internet connection.

Ready to check for available system software updates in Mac OS 10.14 or later?

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This can cause problems when it’s time to update Mac OS, and a separate update needs to be included for the Touch Bar.

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