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It’s not because they don’t love each other, they do.They are still friends.” The source added that Venus is looking for marriage and a family and that the younger Hammond wasn’t in the same stage.

Some insider reports state that the relationship had run its course, but others claim that Nicky wasn't ready to settle down.

Venus Williams and her boyfriend, Nicky Hammond, have broken up.

According to Page Six, the couple have broken up after being together for two years, with sources telling the website the exes still remain friends.

Nicholas Hammond, a scion of the Annenberg family, which once included magazines such as TV Guide, is reportedly 12 years younger than Venus. He was also her date to sister Serena Williams' New Orleans wedding to tech mogul Alexis Ohanian in November 2017.

Hammond was a huge supporter of the tennis star and was often seen in the stands at her tournaments.

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