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The gadget was a nightmare that deserved its discontinuation less than a year after its release.

Nintendo released the device in Japan and the US in the summer of 1995, originally forecasting sales of 3 million consoles and 14 million games, but managed to shift just 350,000 units by December of that year.When it launched, the Nintendo 64 (its final name) did fine — although it didn’t beat the new Play Station system from Sony.The Virtual Boy, however, was an unmitigated disaster.Perhaps some of these issues could have been overlooked had Nintendo launched some worthwhile games for the console, yet the Virtual Boy was sorely lacking in this area too. Very few Virtual Boy titles delivered on Nintendo's promise of heightened immersion, where the player feels as though they have stepped directly into the in-game, although one came admirably close.was widely considered one of the only decent titles on the ill-fated console, recapturing the platforming magic of its Game Boy predecessors with some light 3D effects thrown into the mix.

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Virtual reality is about to hit the mainstream following Facebook's big-money acquisition of the company behind Oculus Rift, but the concept has endured a troubled history.