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Web scam

If you take a close look, however, you’ll notice a few shady things, including the "Contact Us" page: This page contains no legitimate information.You should always watch out for shops without a physical location listed on their website.

An important aspect, especially for fraudsters, is that they are targeting people from countries with low rates of personal computer ownership. You can search for products, browse through the terms & conditions, and even register an account with the site.

They use a combination of “nk” like in Nike , plus a random combination of three letters as the websites’ domain name, a few examples can be seen in the screenshot below.

The shorter the domain name, the less attention it gets. If we look into the registrant of the domain, using the publicly available tool called “whois”, we get more useful information.

The way they do this is by spreading fake sites selling popular products at extremely low prices on social media networks, like Facebook.

In this case, Nike is being used to lure people onto the fake site, which “sells” popular shoes, like Air Jordans, at ridiculously low prices.

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