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What is blind dating

Or it may turn out that you got really unlucky, and got a really clingy and needy individual, who now insists on calling you now and then, trying to convince you to go on another date, and that can get really annoying.In such a case, it is best to be polite, but very firm and tell them that you are not interested in dating them and that if they don't stop calling, you may have to seek help from the authorities. But the chances that you will be set up with a person who turns out to be the next Jack The Ripper, are, let us face it, hardly one in a million, if that...another type of blind dating, only this is the riskier version of it.Blind dating can be convenient for those with a busy lifestyle.Many people do not even know where to begin looking for a date.You are spared of over analyzing, over worrying, over fusing, under estimating your worth, that someone is too good for you, so how can you ask him/her out. You may end up spending a not so pleasant evening with someone you'd rather not be with.Maybe you'd want to forget those few hours of your life even, if the company is really that uninspiring.

But you have to admit to yourself that you had an amazing evening, talking about music, food, and discovering that you share similar tastes, or enjoy and appreciate the other person's taste.This can be extremely frustrating if you've been out with quite a few people, and yet not found someone you click with.You are open to the idea of meeting someone new, but since the horror stories of Internet dating leave you faithless, why not let someone you know, set you up with somebody else?When you meet someone on the Internet, there is no guarantee that the person you are talking to is who he/she claims to be. And the chances of finding a stalker, or a weirdo/psycho on the net are much higher than we'd like to think.In such a case, there is also no real, foolproof way of finding out the real identity of such people, and my personal Internet dating advice would be to avoid it as much as possible.

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But, if you want to go ahead with it, if you think you've found someone genuine, then at least agree to meet up in a very public place. Make sure you inform someone close to you, when you are leaving on an Internet date, and tell them the exact location of the date.

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