Who is maroon 5 singer dating

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Who is maroon 5 singer dating

' And he had his [boxing] gloves on and was like, 'This is awkward, hi!'" They moved past their uncomfortable meet-cute, and then this slow-burn romance quickly heated up.

Oh, by the way, Maroon 5, Prinsloo, Sublime, and Stevie Nicks all performed at the reception — no big deal.

It was such a natural correspondence that we kind of fell in love over email.

A month later, I went to LA for a job, and that was the first time we met in person.” She then talked about her first “awkward” meeting with the ‘Girls Like You’ singer and said, “I remember walking in: I opened the door, and it was the classic moment where the light shines into the dark studio and everyone turned to look at me.

It's safe to say that Levine's marriage proposal didn't exactly go as planned.

The normally confident pop star was reportedly so anxious that his grand romantic gesture became super awkward and confusing. Levine jokingly replied, "Famous last words, 'I'll never get married.'" However, the singer added, "I still don't necessarily think you have to get married unless you meet someone that makes you want to marry them." Just ahead of the couple's big day, reports surfaced that Levine had reached out to all of his exes because he wanted to kick off his marriage with a clean slate.

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He had boxing gloves on and he came to hug me – it was so awkward.

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