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I can still differentiate when to use "whom," but I have lost the plot on "whose." Plus I don't ware anymore, everyone accepts when I use "who is" or "who's ."“I bet Woody regrets ever fathering this conceited little wastrel. I think it’s just lousy that he shaded the tail end of the LGBTQIAA acronym.And Woody is his father, no matter how much Ronan would like to pretend otherwise.”Yeah, there’s no denying Woody’s nebbishy features in Ronan’s face. So he doesn’t identify with whatever those letters stand for? I myself am an advocate for everyone and identify as part of their communities.It's very different from 'bi' who is a guy, identifying as a guy, fucking both guys and chicks. It is threads like this that makes me realize that the we have more in common with the conservative idiots that post on Yahoo and Redit than I like to believe.

I don't doubt that Mia banged Franck during the woody saga, but her claim is soooo tasteless and disrespectful to the then mrs Sinatra. Not that Ronan wasn't a spitting image of Mia in the first place. He fucks with his face trying to erase any trace of Woody.

Then of course if that happened, they'd hate the gay for acting gay.

Sissies are so useless.r13 He came out as LGBT which is the new, socially-acceptable form of a glass closet.

We have this thing in France, it's 'gouin' masculine for 'gouine' ( dyke).

'gouin' is a guy identifying as a woman (so...), but still attracted to chicks.

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