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In the previous article, we discussed a lot of theory about what commands are and how they work.

In this chapter, we'll look into how you actually use commands, by assigning them to user interface elements and creating command bindings that links it all together.

If it returns false the button will be disabled on the interface. With a simple implementation of ICommand I can create the following: However this does not allow me to have a different logic to my Can Execute or Execute.The first button will cut to the clipboard and the second one will paste from it.In Code-behind, we have two events for each button: One that performs the actual action, which name ends with _Executed, and then the Can Execute events.This is required in this particular example, because the Wrap Panel doesn't handle focus the same way e.g.a Toolbar or a Menu would, but it also makes pretty good sense to give the commands a target.

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A thing to notice is that this command has a default keyboard shortcut defined, which you get as an added bonus.