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Www jw dating com

Jehovah’s Witness youths are taught that the most important trait in a potential mate is their spirituality, which to Jehovah’s Witnesses means the level to which they engage in activities that promote the Watchtower organization.The Watchtower teaches that such activities are sacred service to God Almighty Jehovah, and the level to which one engages in such activities demonstrates how much they love Jehovah.This was the delusion I was under until I got married.That was nothing short of an extremely rude awakening, and would eventually lead to my waking up from the coma-like existence of the mind control that one is under when they are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.This is exactly what I thought when I was serving as a single elder and looking for a marriage mate.How did following the advice of the Watchtower work for me?

If the Watchtower is directed by God and used by him as they claim, than how could you possibly do better than to follow such advice?

In my mind, the Watchtower version of reality was reality.

I had been raised from infancy believing the claims of the Watchtower organization to be true and solidly founded.

She refuses to tell me what is wrong, and will not address it. She does; her roommate responds by laughing at her on the other end of the phone.

My wife stays at home that night, and that’s the end of it.

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As she says this, I’m suddenly thrown for a loop, and can’t fathom what just happened. Did I just marry someone who has the Watchtower’s mythical “gift of singleness? Is Jehovah up there laughing at me, having just pulled a huge joke on me?

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